At Hearing Solutions, making your first appointment is a quick and efficient process. 

We always begin by gathering important background info. If there is an issue with your current hearing aids, we will then carefully talk through the problem and schedule an appointment. However, if you are looking to get new hearing aids, we will instead discuss possible plans. Next, we determine the length of your care with us, what your pain points are (such as insurance deadlines or if you already have hearing aids that need servicing), and then construct a customized appointment schedule based on your needs. 

And that’s it!

Our appointment times are one-on-one with our Audiologist, and you will be the only patient in our office. With just one patient or family at a time, we are able to accurately test, fit, or fix your hearing aids, custom accessories, or ear plugs. For social distancing and beyond, we want our patients to be comfortable and get the personal time they need to ask questions and get their issues resolved without a queue of other patients behind. We will leave ample time for questions, showing you how to use accessories, or testing your new hearing aids together. 

We look forward to seeing you in our Norwood office. Call or email us to schedule your one-on-one, personalized appointment.