Stream sound to your hearing aids.

Smartphone compatible hearing aids

Sound is streamed directly from your Apple® or Android™ device to your hearing aid, turning your hearing aids into wireless headphones.

Our advanced hearing aids allow you to connect directly to your smartphone so you can stream calls and audio to your hearing aids. With high quality sound, your hearing aids will act like Bluetooth speakers for phone calls, music streaming and digital conference calling.

We offer same-day treatment so you can enjoy your new aid after your first appointment!

Wireless Hearing Aid Accessories for the Home and Office

We offer a variety of other wireless hearing aid accessories to deliver clear and secure audio directly to your premium hearing aids.
Our staff will take the time to conduct an in-depth evaluation and develop a customized treatment plan that best fits your needs based on your lifestyle.

Phone Clip

A phone clip can give you more freedom, comfort and control when on the phone.

TV Steamer

You can turn up the volume to your hearing aids independently of the volume everyone else hears.

Remote Control

Going into a business meeting? Switch into the program to best hear voices in noise.

Mini Microphone

Stream voices and sound directly to your hearing aids.