Hearing Solutions is a licensed hearing care professional proud to offer the newest technology on the market, the ReSound ONE. As we detailed in our previous blog, the new M&RIE Hearing Aids from ReSound offer the newest technology on the market and provide some of the highest quality sound. We’ve made our own station in-office to help fine-tune our patient’s new devices remotely and try out a couple of charging cases new to the market. 

ReSound One Fine-Tune Fitting

If you are interested in the newest technological advances in the industry, the ReSound One offers the highest-quality sound on the market. The new hearing aids from ReSound are best for pairing via the ReSound app or via accessories like a TV connector or multi-mic to help with everyday conversation, working remotely, or listening to your favorite music or shows. 

Our Fine-Tune Fitting Station works by connecting with the ReSound Smart 3D app on your smartphone and providing us your consent to work with you to fine-tune your hearing aid devices and upgrade your firmware. As of March 1, 2022, for current ReSound users (specifically any ReSound ONE RIE)  that have Apple devices, our in-office station allows you to upgrade your firmware to enjoy the freedom of hands-free phone and FaceTime calls for Apple iPhones and iPads. An in-clinic firmware upgrade will be necessary. Direct connectivity will still be offered for Android users.

Once you’re set up with the ReSound Smart 3D app, we can offer you assistance to help get the best sound out of your devices, wherever you are most comfortable. We may be able to save you a trip into our office if you just need a quick fix or small calibration in the future.  

ReSound One Charging

The ReSound One has two options for recharging your devices: the Standard and Premium chargers, and we offer both options in our office’s Charging Station.

The Standard charger offers a simple, timeless design perfect for placing beside you on your bedside table to recharge for the next day (up to 26 hours). The Premium charger offers a more sleek design with up to three days of charging on the go without the need for a power outlet. We also appreciate the indicator inside the Premium case with LED lights to indicate the battery status of both the hearing aids. By using the ReSound app with either case, you can get notified when your batteries are running low, and conversely, when your hearing aids are ready to use again after charging. 

Try out our new Fine-Tune Fitting and Charging Station in our office to find what best fits your lifestyle. Call us today to schedule an appointment.