Hearing loss affects nearly 13% of the population in the United States of people 12 years and older. Children and young adults may have some hearing loss due to genetics, or frequent noise exposure, but age is the strongest determinant of hearing loss over time. 

Hair cells located within your cochlea are the main mechanism transferring sound up to your brain. Damaged hair cells result in hearing loss and can happen from a number of daily activities – like listening to music too loudly. In the age of “plugging in” and technological connection, it’s easier than ever to increase your chances of hearing loss.

We’ll detail out some ways to protect your hearing during various types of activities, and to test for hearing loss to determine if certain treatment types would be helpful. 

Hearing Protection and Types

Simply put, avoiding noisy areas and situations are likely your best hearing protection. But that may not allow you to enjoy your lifestyle, visit with loved ones, or do your favorite activities. Concerts, crowded restaurants or food halls, or even family gatherings can have varying levels of noise depending on where you are and how many people you are with.

In-ear ear protection typically comes in the form of ear plugs that sit within your ear canal and offer some of the best protection you can find. These are easily found in pharmacies and stores nationwide and are typically marketed for sleeping (to quiet snoring or noises near you), concerts/shows, or for a noisy workplace. Try a few styles and see which works best for you and provides, most importantly, a comfortable and secure fit. 

Over-ear ear protection is sold as over-ear headphones or earmuffs. These may be more comfortable than in-ear protection for some, and are very popular for music-listening or certain types of jobs, like construction. Just keep an eye on the cushions on the side of your headphones or earmuffs to make sure they are in good condition – if they crack or rip over time – it’s time to replace your set to ensure you have the best level of protection.

Hearing Loss Testing 

If you’ve noticed that you are having trouble hearing in certain situations, like at noisy restaurants or family dinner, we recommend scheduling a complete audiological evaluation performed by our trained and licensed Audiologist.

Our test is conducted in a soundproof booth one-on-one, that comfortable environment allows the test to best identify the nature and existence of the hearing problem. You will wear headphones or earplugs connected to a device that tests for different sound pitches and volumes to determine if you have any hearing loss. 

If the impairment is one that would be helped by a hearing device, we’ll recommend treatment options.

Hearing Loss Treatment 

Once you have identified your hearing loss, treatment from Hearing Solutions will allow you to find different options for your technology preferences and budget. With advancements in in-ear receivers that restore the “pinna effect”, Bluetooth connection capabilities, and smaller devices overall – we have plenty of options for you to try.

In addition to the device you decide on, we will work alongside you to customize your hearing aids to get the best sound quality and fit possible. As you begin using your new hearing aids, we schedule the appropriate follow-up and counseling to ensure you are getting the best quality treatment for your lifestyle.

Call us today to schedule an appointment for a complete audiological evaluation and exploration of treatment options.