If you wear hearing aids, chances are they play a crucial role in your daily life. Without them, basic tasks can suddenly become difficult and conversation with your friends and family can be impossible. At Hearing Solutions, we understand how frustrating it can be when your HAs aren’t functioning properly. In this article, we’ll offer a few simple, but effective strategies that will keep your hearing aids working at peak performance throughout the summer.

Towards the summer months, moisture from perspiration and humidity may severely affect the life and sound quality of your devices. To get the best out of your hearing aids, you should try to keep your device as dry as possible. This will help combat corrosion and circuit issues in the delicate wiring. With many people recently switching to rechargeable hearing aids, we recommend looking into compatible options like a UV dryer that can easily charge and dry your hearing aids at the same time overnight. These accessories can seamlessly interact with the wireless connections on most models of rechargeable HA’s. For more information, please either schedule an appointment to discuss possible options or give us a call at 781-769-8866.


Tips for Keeping Hearing Aids Dry

If moisture seeps into your hearing aids, whether from ear wax, sweat, or from the summer forecast, you will likely notice problems with your microphone and or receiver in terms of sound quality. In the worst cases, excess moisture can even result in unit failure. Another common symptom of summertime humidity is distorted sound or intermittency, which can greatly affect how noise sounds to you. Your hearing aids are built to withstand many conditions, but we recommend keeping a close eye on your device during certain situations:

  • When washing your face or getting in the shower, don’t forget to remove your hearing aids.
  • Be careful when putting on lotion or sunscreen not to get any cream residue in your hearing aids.
  • When using makeup or hairspray, it’s best to remove your hearing aids to make sure no cosmetic product chemicals damage your device.
  • If you break a sweat while exercising or happen to get caught in the rain, it’s best to keep your battery drawer open overnight or, better yet, use a dryer to draw out the liquid.

When your hearing aid is properly calibrated and kept dry, you will get crisp and strong sound quality out of your device for years to come.


UV Dryer Features

As rechargeable hearing aids phase into the market, there are a few recently released models of UV dryers available for sale. These products offer drying and sanitizing in an all-in-one station. Using gentle heat (less than 90°F), these dryers are designed to work with the lithium-ion batteries found in a number of popular hearing aids on the market today. The dryers are compact and easy to leave on your bedside table to charge overnight. They also feature a sanitizing light that can be used on a quick cycle. For practicality, most dryer models have an additional USB output on them that allows you to charge your other devices simultaneously. As the heat of summer rapidly approaches, call us to schedule an appointment to try out a UV dryer for your rechargeable hearing aids.