A family hugging during the holidays

As a dedicated private practice audiologist with over 25 years of service in Norwood, it’s truly a privilege to be part of a community that values the gift of hearing. This holiday season, we’re excited to announce ReSound’s “Hear for the Holidays Gift of Hearing” promotion.

We all have that friend or family member who answers incorrectly or smiles and nods their head in agreement and would be well deserving. This promotion is our way of giving back to the Norwood community and recognizing those individuals who deserve the gift of better hearing.

How does it work? We’re giving away a set of premium hearing aids along with top-notch audiological care to a deserving person in Norwood. All we need is your help in identifying that special nominee who could benefit from this generous gift.

To nominate someone, please send an email to [email protected] and include the following details:

● Your name
● Your email address
● Your phone number
● Nominee’s name
● Nominee’s email address
● Nominee’s phone number
● Nominee’s address

And most importantly, share with us why this nominee deserves complimentary hearing aids. Rest assured, all submissions will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.

This is your chance to make a real difference in someone’s life, and we can’t wait to hear your heartwarming stories. Let’s come together as a community to give the gift of hearing this holiday season. Together, we can make this season truly special for someone who truly deserves it.